About Arusha Machine Tools

About UsĀ 


“ARUSHA MACHINE TOOLS SOLUTION” stands as a distinguished manufacturer specializing in the production of mechanical components catering specifically to the wire and cable industries. The company takes pride in its comprehensive product range, which includes top-notch offerings such as Extruder Cross Heads, Tips and Dies, Breaker Plates, Clamps, and various other precision-engineered products. The Extruder Cross Heads exemplify the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring the seamless and efficient extrusion process in wire and cable manufacturing. Additionally, their line of Tips and Dies is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall performance and longevity of extrusion processes. Breaker Plates and Clamps, crucial elements in the machinery, are designed with precision to ensure durability and reliability. ARUSHA MACHINE TOOLS SOLUTION’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions makes them a trusted partner for industries reliant on impeccable mechanical components for their wire and cable production processes.



Our Story

Shama Praveen, Director of “ARUSHA MACHINE TOOLS SOLUTION,” shares a journey of resilience and triumph in her two-decade career. Beginning as a Sales Coordinator, unforeseen challenges arose, leading to the decision to establish her own company in June 2022. Overcoming hurdles, she secured a plot, acquired machines, and received crucial support from loyal customers. Participating in “AK NARI -100 PE BHARI” is a point of pride for Shama, reflecting her commitment to moving forward while uplifting others. Her story is a testament to determination, the support of friends, and the success that follows the decision to forge one’s path.